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Who We Are

Mark Nichols Designs is a small, independent design studio specifically geared to meet the needs of small to medium sized companies lost when it comes to Web Design, The Internet, Social Media, Graphic Design, SEO Management, and Brand Spreading. We thrive on helping "Mom & Pops", start-ups and businesses that lack the knowledge of getting their products and services online.

Mark Nichols began creating websites professionally in 1999. A lot has changed in this industry since 1999! Mark has maintained training throughout that time including a college degree in computer science with a focus on web design. Mark understands the World Wide Web and how to create a website that gives you the tools needed for a succesful online business.

Our philosophy is to throw out high cost, traditional advertising and start Brand Spreading using the viral nature of web design, blogging, SEO and social media. Combined with a solid state of the art content management system will set you up for success.

We can guide you through logo design, domain acquisition, front-end web design, web hosting, back-end web development, search engine optimization, blogging, content creation, social media and media placement. AND the best thing is that I am local, RIGHT HERE IN ENID, OK! Yes, that's right no call centers in India...

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Why Choose Mark?

It comes down to saving money... You can get the same results with a big development firm but unless you have TONS of money to throw away why would you when you could hold on to some (or use it to buy me some coffee)


Responsive as in the website will fit in any box you put it in. From cell phone to large TV it will stretch to fit or shrink to beautifully fill your mobile device screen.


Gain access to your admin dashboard and keep your finger on the pulse of your company.


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Financial Advisory

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Our Awesome Portfolio

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Meet the face of Mark Nichols Designs

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About me

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Mark Nichols Founder

Although Mark is not the only person that will be working on your project, he is the face of the company and the main project manager. His super powers are project management, graphic design, web design and X-ray vision. Mark cut his teeth on computers and technology from birth and got addicted to web design and coding in 1997. Mark has since graduated with a degree in computer science with a focus in web design. With well over 1000 projects under his belt, Mark and his team of super heros can make whatever you dream up an online reality.